NEW- Stop Writing Blog Posts (and do this instead)

Today, I’m writing about how you can stop writing blog posts and what you can do instead. I’ve told you about the software that I love that writes titles and social media posts in seconds.  Now, you can also use that software to write a whole blog post.

If you’d like to try the software for free I suggest using my link to get 10,000 words or five days for free.  You can check that out here

The software has a template section and to write a blog you choose “one shot blog post.” It’s on the first line of options all the way to the right.  Next, you need to choose a blog topic. What’s the best way to do that?

A lot of you guys already know one of my fun strategies on knowing what to write a blog about.  I’m a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guru so I’ll share that there’s a way to know what people are searching for.  Go to Google and type in what you help people with – what problem does your business solve for people. As you look at your search results and scroll down a bit you’ll see a line that says “people are also searching for.” Click on that and it’ll give you four different options.  That’s literally what people are looking for right now.  Go ahead and put one of those search topics in as your blog topic.

Next, you get to choose the tone of voice for your blog. I often chose witty or sassy because that’s just who I am but maybe you’re speaking to doctors or and you really need to be more professional. Once you’ve chosen the topic and the tone the software will produce a blog for you. I recommend that you edit that content to make it sound more like you and to be sure you are speaking to your audience.

This software literally goes out into the Internet and pulls back all of the goodness that has to do with what you’re asking for here. It’s gonna pull back the best-performing copy. That is the most important sentence I’ve written in the entire blog. The best-performing copy is what is doing very well online. Now you might ask can you make money by blogging? Find out in my blog post here. 




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