The Cutting Edge

Here’s just one of the AMAZING testimonials from real life Cutting Edge students!

Hey there, I’m Martha Krejci, and I systematically hit YL Gold in just 6 months.

I’m excited to share with you how you can grow your Young Living team without having to sell! And no this is not a dream….and also not a scam. This is something that is already working for HUNDREDS of YL Brand Partners (and we only started a couple of months ago). I mean, we have people that haven’t signed anyone up in EIGHT YEARS, that signed 17 people up last month. This is the real deal.

Most people who join Young Living as Brand Partners are excited about the products and the opportunity to make an income. But within a few months, they realize that it’s not as easy as they thought it would be. They can’t seem to grow their team, and people are falling off if they were lucky enough to bring folks in, in the first place.

Here’s the deal. Within five years, 95% of distributors abandon network marketing. But it doesn’t have to be that way! See, the way I see it, is they abandon network marketing because they don’t have a system that they can ACTUALLY do. Some teams will have “systems” but normal people don’t want to have to do the things necessary to work that “system”.

Like, some people LOVE doing classes, but that’s not me…and what I quickly realized is there were a TON of people out there just like me, that didn’t want to do those things, and spend all of the time, money and energy on an event just to have a couple people show up.

I actually have my own definition of system. It’s a series of events that lead to a result that EVERYONE ON THE PLANET CAN DO. Like making a pizza. We all follow the directions, and come out with pretty much the same result. I believe that should be the actual definition of a system.

And that is what I have created, and not only that, in this program, I do MOST OF THE STEPS in the system FOR YOU. Not bad, right? Sound too good to be true?  Get used to it, I do things no one else will do. I surprise people every day with how much I support my students, I’m not here to cash checks and jet out. I stay in the trenches with you all day, every day.

I’ve helped over 10,000 Young Living Brand Partners grow their teams without having to sell. And I can help you too!

With my Cutting Edge system, I do all the selling for you. I post daily pre-written posts in my private Facebook Group that you can use to attract new members . I also have a proven onboarding and training system for new Brand Partners, so you don’t have to worry about what to do with them. And I have a Cutting Edge challenge that everyone wants to be a part of! You may have heard of the 11 Day Jumpstart? If not, just last month alone, it generated over 140,000 OGV for my students, and we are doing a variation on it every single month.

Just imagine being able to CONSISTENTLY bring people in, then have them STAY because they are LOVING their experience…that’s what’s happening in there.

All you need to do is follow my system, and I know that you will start growing your team within 30 days. Plus, if you sign up now, I’ll give you access to my private Facebook group where you can get support from me and other successful Brand Partners, AND have monthly intensives as well as weekly coaching calls if you want to jump on those.  Not everyone has the time or wants to do all of that, and that’s totally ok, it’s not necessary, it’s just there because I want to over-deliver. So, if you want it, I want to make sure you have it. I’m here for YOU.

So don’t wait – sign up now and let me help you grow your Young Living team without having to sell a thing at all.

PS, sometimes people ask what makes this different from GO for Gold (my course that teaches you my system I created to hit Gold in 6 months). And that’s easy. This is me DOING most of GO for Gold FOR you. The course is you doing it yourself.

Have the best day!

xo Martha

Oh! And for RIGHT NOW, you can get 75% off as a FOUNDING MEMBER.(Typically this is $397/mo, but right now I’m letting people lock in at $97/mo, and of course, you can cancel anytime 🙂 ) 

See you soon!

And, as always, here is Young Living’s Income Disclosure Statement for reference: