The Future of Digital Marketing

People need to stop relying on ads.

You might think that’s crazy, but I do actually know what I’m talking about. I am an ads guru which means that I know exactly how to CRUSH advertising. What you should be asking yourself is why an ads guru stopped doing ads? If they were really working, wouldn’t I have kept running them?

The reason is simple. Ads don’t build a loyal following. If you’re not building loyalty and community, you’ve completely missed the boat on business.Maybe I should pause for dramatic effect…

I’m not trying to be harsh; I’m trying to save you a lot of money and frustration. Google put a stop to third party cookies. What are cookies? You know the creepy way you seem to simply think about a product and then you’re seeing ads for it everywhere? Yeah, that’s them.

Simply put, ads aren’t going to work anymore. Not to mention the Apple iOS 14 update that stopped letting people advertise to anyone on an iPhone. Yikes! Over half the population has an iPhone so that’s a bit of an issue for people running them.

Listen, I saw this coming three to four years ago and I pivoted. Now, I’m three to four years ahead of everybody else in the industry. I teach my people how to build their businesses organically without ads.  It’s all about how to create community and nurture people and as a result, they’ve been CRUSHING business.

I keep my people ahead of the game so that collectively we are always winning.

If you’ve been relying on ads, it’s time to switch gears. The good news is, I can show you exactly how to do that on five to ten hours per week. Let’s make an impact shall we?

For the rest of my tips on this, go check out this video.

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Have the best day!

xo Martha

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