The Magnetic Lead Formula

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew exactly how to magnetically attract your people to you? Well, now you can.

The most important thing you can do when attracting your people to you is speak their language. Some of your audience is going to want you to get right to the point while others are going to need to know that you care about them and want to build a relationship with them.

What I taught in my workshop last week was how to communicate your offerings so effectively that you’ll have a flood of people wanting your freebies. I also taught the importance of what to write in the email that goes out to everyone and how to touch on each personality.

It’s crucial that everyone you connect with feels seen and heard. But that looks different for each personality. When you can speak people’s language, they can hear and understand you. Imagine trying to communicate in English with someone who only speaks Chinese. Ineffective to say the least am I right?

So let’s talk about how you can communicate with one personality type. For your “A” personality, you want to get to the point. If they signed up for one of your freebies, make sure that the first part of your email gives it right to them. “As promised, here’s the link/PDF/guide”. They will appreciate the fact that you didn’t make them read an entire book before getting the thing they wanted. They will feel seen and heard.

In the workshop I did last week I broke down how to craft the perfect email to ALL of the personalities in the perfect order. It was so good you guys. If you missed it, you can actually still watch it by jumping into The Changemaker’s Den. You can jump in for $1 for your first month. How’s that for no risk and all value? And we’re doing a brand new workshop tomorrow all about The Profitable Pipeline so it’s the perfect time to jump in.

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Have the best day!

xo Martha

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