The Only 2023 Goal Blog You’ll Ever Need To Read

Ready for the only goal blog you need to read for 2023? This is going to be a lot about mindset because let’s be very realistic – the enemy loves to get into our minds and our belief system and then we don’t move. We sit in fear. I think everybody has felt like they were paralyzed inside of their purpose or their mission. Let’s set goals so that doesn’t happen.

We were created to be stewards and creators. We can’t do that when we sit in fear and the enemy knows that. So, there are three areas that I want you to think about goals for as you move into 2023. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

I want you to think about physical goals. So, physically how do you want to be different going into 2024 than you are going into 2023? This isn’t necessarily about losing weight. What do you want your cholesterol or blood panels to be? Maybe you want to relieve pain. What will be different for you?

The second thing is lifestyle. Sometimes this will be about reaching an income goal. Your lifestyle is how you want to live. Do you wish you homeschooled your family? Do you wish you traveled more?

Finally, your last one is going to be spiritual. Where do you want to be spiritually going into 2024? Maybe you wish you were reading your Bible daily. Maybe you wish you were praying for other people daily.

Let’s also make sure within each category we have a regular goal, a stretch goal, and a super stretch goal. A regular goal is like realistically I think I can do this. A stretch goal is about 10% more. Your super stretch goal is like I need God to help me hit this goal. If you feel anxiety when you’re setting these goals, I wrote a short blog about that you can check out here. If you’re working to set goals in your Young Living Business join my free Facebook Group YL Goldgetters and Let’s Go!



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