The Science of Writing an Irresistible Social Bio

How can you write an irresistible social media bio and why it is so important. Honestly, your social bio is how people check you out online – it can determine everything that happens after that. The very first thing that we need to know is who the heck we’re talking to.  Who are your people? I talk about this a lot – because it matters a lot. Here’s the easy button. You’re talking to yourself in the past. You’re talking to a version of yourself that learned a lot going through something. Have you ever thought man, I really wish somebody could help me figure this out.  You’re talking to that version of yourself, and you are going to help them.

If you see other people out in the world doing what you do, helping people with a solution that you also help people with, that doesn’t matter.  That won’t make you any less successful. Do you know how many types of ketchup there are in the grocery store? Not one of those companies is like, oh well, somebody else is selling ketchup, I’m not gonna sell that now. What you will offer is specific to you.

If you don’t show you your people might never find the solution they need.

Quite frankly, that’s on you.

If you haven’t started a Facebook Group yet I can help you start one from scratch with this blog post. The key is to share who you really are in your social bio, not just from a business perspective because we’re not just business people, right? Maybe you like hiking. Maybe you’re silly. Maybe you’re witty. Put that in your bio. When you are speaking to your person, and you share who you create a connection with people. They think, she’s just like me! I call that a Velcro moment.  I share an in depth training on this, and have 4 intensives every month, in my Changemakers Den Group. You can learn more and join us by following this link. To learn more about this you can check out this short video

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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