The Secret Sauce to Succeeding in 2021 and Beyond

Everyone is talking about community building—and they should be.

There’s no hack to building community. You either care about people or you don’t. The way to truly be successful right now, and quite frankly in the future, is to build community.

You’ve also got to overdeliver to your people. Don’t just create a blanket offer that could apply to anyone. Make things so specific and specialized to your people that they know without a shadow of a doubt that it’s for them.

In today’s day and age, just getting what you paid for is not enough. It’s essential to go above and beyond to earn people’s trust and continue working with them.

Something that I learned while I was away recently is called TOLO. When I heard what it stood for, I almost cried. “They only live once.” We’re all familiar with YOLO (you only live once), but this takes it further and twists it around.

When you’re thinking about how you’re going to serve your people and help them transform, remember that they only live once. When you’re tired and frustrated and feel like no one is listening to you or like no one cares, remember that your people only live once. You got from where you were to where you are now and because of that, I believe that you are now responsible for getting them to where you are right now.

You guys, I want every person on the planet to have their own sense of freedom.

I want them to be able to do what they want to do in this life without being tethered to a boss, or a debt, or anything else. That can only happen if we all band together and impact the world. That can only happen if we are all in a place of freedom.

It’s time for change. For the rest of my thoughts on this go check out the video I did right here.

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Have the best day!

xo Martha

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