The Space Between Inspiration and Implementation (and how to jump the chasm)

How do you move from Inspiration to implementation? I’m going to show you how to bridge that gap. I think that most of us have no problem at all getting excited about something. A new project that a guru you listen to mentions, a new project or idea, and boom – we are excited!

You think, YES, I want to do that. I could do that. That sounds great! Then you emotionally get into a raw moment and doubt starts to creep in as our excitement starts to fade. When the time comes to implement – to do the thing – that’s when people tend to freeze up. If we are being honest with ourselves that follow-through doesn’t always happen.

Here is the first step of follow-through. You have to deal with your own mind. Your mind only knows your past experiences. So, immediately your mind says you can’t do this – because you haven’t done that. I talk more about why this happens in the short video at the top of this blog. When your mind says oh no, that’s not me. Here is what you do. Simply say to yourself, well it wasn’t me, but it is me now.

You make the choice to be the new you because that is necessary to move from inspiration to implementation. Once we’re working with our mind in that capacity and we’re taking control of what we choose to do the sky is the limit. We choose to be good stewards. We choose to do the things that have been on our hearts. If anxiety is preventing you from moving forward I’ve got a blog to help you here.

So, the next time you sit down at your computer and think I don’t know what I’m supposed to do next. When you think I haven’t done this before so how do I actually make this thing happen? You’ve got to realize there are steps. You are so excited about your big dream and you’re trying to achieve it with one action. You have got to break that big thing into pieces that you’re able to research. Once your goal is broken down into researchable portions schedule the rest of your steps out on your calendar. Make sure you have time on that calendar for research and implementation. You’ve got this! Today I’m implementing a huge goal and that’s my new website going live. You can check that out here!

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