The Unavoidable Business Cycle No One Seems To Address…And How To Get Through It

OK, we’re gonna get VERY real here, so buckle up, Betty…at first, it will freak you out, but don’t stop reading because the hope comes after the freak out, I promise!

One of two things happens when you start your business. (FYI, this doesn’t include affiliate marketing income streams, because they aren’t “your” business so to speak) But, if you’re starting a business like a product or service you are actually selling, or even network marketing…they both are going to go through this cycle. Of the two things that will happen, one is that you CRUSH IT as you start out, and then it dries up and you start hearing crickets…..or the second thing, is that you hear crickets from the get go, lol. OK, this is what we need to address. This. Right. Here.

I’ve been in business for a long time, and I’m WELL AWARE this is a natural cycle, and legit happens to everyone, whether they choose to admit it or not. (que dude bro sitting on the front of a rented Ferrari telling you you’re going to make 7 figures tomorrow if only you just buy his $10k coaching…🤣 lol, I’m sorry, I love calling those guys out.)

Now, here’s what you need to KNOW about that cycle.

It looks like this:

IF you are working a method or a system that is proven with results, you will be successful if you keep going through that “valley of despair”.

Here’s how real-life business goes.

Open the doors, let people know about what you are doing…and get CRAZY amazing response…all the people want what you’re offering. Or, no one wants to be the first one to try your new thing. Real talk, this is it.

THEN, regardless of what the initial 30 days was like, you will go into a “slump”. This is what I call the “valley of despair”. This is where you start to question everything. You start to think, oh, it was a fluke, or nobody cares, why am I even doing this?

Then, you move into “this is just another thing that doesn’t work”…

This may work for other people, but not for me.

I’m just not cut out for this. People don’t want to buy anything from me.

OK, so that’s the pity party… NOW, let’s talk REALITY, shall we?


No matter who you are, what your background is, or how much you know (or don’t know)…


The difference between the people that end up “overnight successes” (which is really years in the making for most…for me, it was 6 years) , and the ones that never make it, is the successes kept going. Even when it appeared nothing was working, they focused on their goal.

So, the little secret is this…

IF you continue to work your strategy (if it’s proven to get results), and you keep your eye on the goal…

Your CONSISTENCY that comes from that will build TRUST with your audience, and THEN….

You will hit the point where the slope starts going UP!

And when it starts going up, it will continue and continue and continue (unless you do something awful, but just don’t do that, k?)…

I know this for a fact.

Basically, here are the cliff notes on why that happens.

People want to make sure you’re serious. That you’re the real deal. That they can TRUST you.

That isn’t earned immediately.

The first people to buy or join you are the ones that would do anything with you…

Then we start making our way out into people that know us less and less….we need to EARN their TRUST.

That comes with consistency.

Consistency in social media.

Consistency in content creation.

Really, just consistency in showing up.

PROVE you are HERE for THEM.

That’s it.

If you’re not sure you’re working a proven strategy, I share my own blueprint and how to do what I have done in my own business, and it’s proven to work for countless other people in HBR, so if you want to check that out, just shoot me a message at @Livinthedreamwithmartha  that says “let’s go” or something like that, so I know what you’re wanting to talk about :).

So, to recap.

The beginning is hard.

Use a proven strategy.

And stick with it.

Even when it feels scary and dark.

Your people are watching and waiting.

And one day, it all works out because you’ve given them enough to believe you can actually help them.


How’s that for a real talk fairytale ending!?

See you next time!

xo Martha




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