Who To Surround Yourself With

It’s crucial to hang around the right people and it’s just as important to avoid the wrong ones.

When you spend time with people who help you make bad decisions, those decisions get easier and easier as time goes on. Eventually you find yourself having veered so far off course that you can’t remember how to get back on track. One slight wrong decision leads to other slight wrong decisions and it’s a very slippery slope.

Being present every day in our decision making and filtering everything through the filter of “does this serve my purpose in life” is one way to stay on track. I didn’t even know that filter existed before. I made terrible choices over and over again to the point that I ended up living in a friend’s basement. On paper I was an absolute mess.

I was friends with this guy (Mike who became my husband) who saw in me what I am today. He spoke life over me. He would tell me how brilliant I was, how amazing at stuff I was, and what a great person I was. At first, I bucked against it but the more he persisted in reminding me of who I really was, I started to see what he was seeing. Not only that, but I began to grow into it.

You see the thing is, we live up to other people’s expectations of us. We also lower ourselves to them as well. This is why it’s so important to surround yourself with the right people. When we call out the gold in each other, we make each other better. I choose to help people be the very best version of themselves possible.

Stay away from the people who speak death over you. Speaking death looks like “you’re not gonna make it”, “you can’t do that”, “you’re gonna fail”. Sadly, it’s often people close to us who speak that over us. It’s hard to be successful when you continue to give those people an all-access pass to you. Keep them at an arm’s length friend. It’s for YOUR good.

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