Write a FULL ON BLOG in 5 Seconds, Flat

 How would you like to create a blog post in 5 seconds? There is software for that!  If you aren’t using this software, you’re really working too hard. Not just a little bit too hard. You’re working maybe 20 hours/week too hard. I’ll share how you can try it for free below.

I’ve used this software for social media titles, content suggestions and now they offer “one shot blog post.” This is a new feature that is still in beta so it’s the perfect time to check it out.  The first thing you do is choose a blog topic. It could be something completely obscure. I made a short video showing you exactly how to use the software that you can find at the top of this blog.

I chose the topic gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Next, you can choose what tone you want the blog to have. Maybe you are in a field and need your tone to be professional. You can also choose witty.  For my demonstration, I chose the Mom Tone.

You can also choose the intended audience. I love that they take that into account because I’m always you need to know who the heck you’re talking to.  So, I answered three simple questions – what my topic is, what tone I want the blog to have, and who my intended audience is and I’m ready to get a fully written blog in 5 seconds.

Once you answer the questions there is a blue button that says generate AI content.  This software literally scans and scrapes the entire Internet for content that makes sense for your needs. It’s not just regular content. It’s typically high-converting content.  High converting means that it’s good copy – good persuasive copy.

Don’t always go for the sale – go for providing service.

You can earn money blogging and I shared how in this short blog post. Here is another gold nugget. You can take the very first paragraph of your blog and that could be your social media post.  Then you put the link to the blog post itself in that social media post. Remember you always want your blogs to be at least 300 words long so they are recognized by Google. How can you try the software for free? Follow this link to get 10,000 words or five days for free. Who’s ready to blog?



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