A Cutting Edge Review for Young Living Brand Partner

I love sharing these Cutting Edge reviews with you so you can hear how it’s working for Young Living Brand Partners growing their business. Let’s face it, people can say whatever they want on the internet about themselves. I could tell you Cutting Edge is the best – isn’t it better to hear an honest review from someone in Cutting Edge? That’s why I share these testimonials so you can hear for yourself exactly how Cutting Edge is helping YL Brand Partners grow even though they haven’t been able to in the past.

Let’s start with what Cutting Edge is all about. Basically, it’s like being on my Young Living team. I create things for you. I tell you what to say every day. I share the system that helped me build to Gold in 6 months. If you aren’t familiar with that rank – it typically takes people 5-6 years to reach that rank and I made it in 6 months. To learn more about Cutting Edge you can check out this short blog.

Angie is in Cutting Edge and says it’s the best decision she made for her business. She is a very busy person and while she was skeptical to start, Cutting Edge has already more than paid for itself by helping her grow her business. You see, my goal is to take things off of your plate. Sound good?

One of the first things Angie noticed was people coming to her social media that she didn’t know. Her current team was suddenly super engaged and started ordering in a month that was typically very slow for her. Let’s talk numbers. Angie had 41 people interested in our January 11-Day Jumpstart and already has 13 in February. That showed in her paycheck making January her biggest check she’s gotten in a very very long time. You can hear her share her story in the short video at the top of this blog.

Angie shared that when she followed the easy daily posts and step-by-step instructions in Cutting Edge she saw results. She has never had this much engagement on my feed. Angie recommends that you give Cutting Edge three months and you’ll be stoked because you’re going to get results. You’ll get results fast. To join Cutting Edge message @LivinthedreamwithMartha on FB with the words “cutting edge” if that doesn’t work, just personally message me and we’ll go over the details and get you in! Let’s go!


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