Behind the Scenes: What’s Going To Be In The New Membership?

Today I’m sharing what’s going on behind the scenes of the Affiliate Marketing University Membership launch. We have 10 days as I’m writing this until it goes live. You guys, we have almost 500 members. You guys, this membership is my baby. It’s us doing life together. It’s daily action items, special affiliate offers just for our community, and my courses.

 When you come into the membership you’ll see there are levels. The Foundational level focuses on getting you earning 1K a month. The next levels will teach you what you need to earn at the 1k-3k level, the 3k-5k level, the 5k-10k level, and then scale.

There’s a section of deep dives on topics like mindset and bat signal. I’m bringing in more super friends and more specialists to offer you trainings and opportunities you would have to pay for anywhere else. To learn what I’m the most proud of you can check out the short video at the top of this blog.

When you sign up, you’re a member and there’s nothing else for you to buy.

 There are two different ways for you to hop into the membership.  When it starts on August 29th you can join for $47/month. The least expensive way to get AMU is to take advantage of the $297 offer that includes 6 months of membership which is a $282 value alone. You might be asking what kind of money can be made in affiliate marketing. I wrote a short blog post about that here and spoiler alert – it’s incredible.

 I would get it now because people are making money on the very first day.  This is for the entire family. There’s nothing quite like being able to set your kids up for success so they don’t have to struggle the way that we did. I’ve seen kids that have taken the course that is already crushing it.

We are completely disrupting what it looks like to create income. We’re disrupting what’s possible for families.  Check it out here. 

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