Can You Be A Good Coach?

I believe that everyone can be a good coach.

You might be saying to yourself, “Martha, I’ve never coached anyone on anything in my life. What are you even saying?” I’m telling the truth though. Let me tell you why…

Everyone has been through something difficult that they wish someone had helped them through. Think about your own life. What have you been through that was really challenging for you and you thought to yourself, man if only there had been someone there to show me or tell me what I know now, it would have made all the difference? I am imagining you nodding your head right now. You can picture it, can’t you?

Now you get to be that person for someone else. You get to show up and help other people through their difficult circumstances that you almost didn’t even make it through. You will be the person that YOU needed when you were struggling.

When you go through something difficult and manage to find your way through it, no one can take that knowledge from you. You now have a skill that is invaluable to others going through the same challenges. That’s where I get really excited.

When I can show people how to reach back into the fire they came out of and serve the people still stuck there, it’s beautiful to me. I mean is there anything more special than helping others? I think it’s a wonderful example of the best part of humanity when people serve each other so selflessly.

So yes, I believe everyone can be a good coach. The main reason for that is because I trust in my ability to show you how to do it. I know that I can walk you step by step into an amazing coach who serves from your heart the very people you feel you were put on this planet to help.

That’s literally why I was put here, and I believe that with all my heart.

So, let’s link arms! Watch this video for the rest of my thoughts on how you can be a good coach.

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Have the best day!

xo Martha

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