How to know what affiliate marketing offer you should share?

Today’s blog is about how to know what affiliate marketing offers you should be sharing.  There are so many offers out there. Here is what not to do. Don’t pick an offer based on what commissions you can make.

You really need to have tried the product. You need to know that the product or service works before you share it with your people. That’s about being trustworthy. Can you make good money from affiliate marketing with this approach? Yes, and I shared about that in this short blog post. 

If you aren’t trustworthy, you won’t have many opportunities to share with your people.  One of the first things I teach in Affiliate Marketing University (AMU) is the importance of being honest and trustworthy.  It’s important to be the person that people want to take advice from.  I share more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

Let’s say you are just starting out in affiliate marketing and maybe you don’t have a lot of money yet. If you can’t afford to purchase products to try them yourself, you can lean on the direct testimonies of those you know and trust.  You can share that direct testimonial and be transparent.

When you join AMU the first thing, we do is talk about your personality, so we know how to best teach and coach you. Then I’ve got a super friend who is coming in to help you set up your business so you can leverage $1,600 back in your pocket. AMU is us doing life together. I’ll help you get set up correctly and focus on daily income-producing activities so you will know exactly what to do each day.

One of the reasons AMU only costs $47/month for your whole family is because I am committed to helping families. One of my favorite things I see happening is when children and teenagers plug into AMU and start to learn

My heart is focused on changing the world for our kids.

I change it for us first because it’s so important that we show our kids what’s possible. We don’t have to work 10 hours a day away from our families. We don’t have to struggle with finances. We don’t have to choose between eating and buying medicine. Those are the choices parents are making today and I want to give them an alternative. You can check that out here. 




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