How Your Life Can Grow Your Young Living Business With Ease

How can your life grow your Young Living business? I heard somebody say that the modeling of a transformed life will transform a culture. I had to let that sink in and I want you to let it sink in right now.

This is about living out loud for people to see. It’s living in a way that is so transparent to people they are able to see the way that you’re living. That’s what they are referring to as the modeling of a transformed life.

Of course, we are talking about the transformed life that we have in Jesus Christ. There’s before and after for anybody that has not been saved and then has come to the Lord. There’s a very clear before and after. You have a transformation of spirit and you come from a different place. It is by modeling that we can change a culture.

Whenever your life is transformed you don’t just go back to your house and talk to your family about how amazing your transformation was. We are called to take our story to the streets. We’re called to be transparent about how our life has changed.

When we share what our life looks it transforms a culture. Now, let’s talk about what that looks like in our Young Living business. The modeling of a transformed life shows how are you different now. You can make a list of all the things that are different now than before you started Young Living. Those are the ways that you are going to model a transformed life. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

You don’t just keep that transformation to yourself either. You want to share what Young Living has helped you with in your life. Maybe you are brand new to Young Living and need some support to start. I wrote a short blog about how you can easily grow to Star here. Another incredible resource If you’re not yet in my YL Goldgetters 2.0 group, has TONS of free trainings and challenges that will BLOW UP your YL business without question.

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