Introverts, this one’s for YOU!

Introverts, this is for you. The truth is that we feel awkward. We don’t really know how to do small talk. That’s how I feel when talk is all superficial. I need to dive deep in conversation. I think a lot of us introverts are the same. So, I had Amy Horn attend a recent Mastermind with me. She’s not only my Director of Partnerships, she’s an extrovert. She helped me come out of my introvert shell. I highly recommend having an extrovert join you when you’re networking. They can take on conversations and you can inject yourself whenever it fits and makes sense.

My challenge to introverts like me is, to make sure that you’re getting out.

Make sure that you’re talking to people.

Yesterday, I did not look like an introvert. The conversations that we had and the partnerships that were developed are going to have an incredible impact. You can learn more about the cool partnerships we formed in this short video here.  None of that would have happened if my introverted self had stayed in my room. Part of what helps is when we realize the power of good friends around us. You can learn more about that in this short blog here.

So as introverts, I think it’s really wise for us to make sure we get out.  Right now, my challenge to you is, to find an extrovert friend that can that you can go to events and travel with. Networking isn’t always business related for me. It’s more mission related for me. Networking looks like hey, I’m on this path to help these people. Are you also on that path? I would love for us to reframe things so it doesn’t feel so weird to have one of your have one of your extroverted friends on speed dial. Start going to events together. Really own your ministry.  Own your mission, because we grow together.You’re not going to get that far by yourself.  We need to grow together. Join us where we focus on growing together in my Free Facebook Group Families Creating Legacies here.


Have the Best Day



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