Is Cutting Edge the Real Deal?

What are people’s actual experiences in Cutting Edge? Today I’m sharing directly from Colette how Cutting Edge has transformed her business for the better. Colette was in the middle of a move to Florida, and a total house remodel, which meant no stove and shower – she had a lot going on. She had been so discouraged for years. No matter what she did, she couldn’t get back to her business. It didn’t matter what program she joined or what she did.

Since joining The Cutting Edge, she is so proud, and her business is growing. Why? Because I provide you with everything you need to grow your Young Living Business – period. I do opportunity calls for the group every two weeks and I give your guests a reason to sign up within 48 hours. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

My goal is to help you grow your businesses in alignment with your ministry and mission. All I need is for you to try. Colette calls the Cutting Edge the easy button because I share the step-by-step daily activities you need to grow your business and have systems to support your new members and brand partners. I even share a free system to help you and your builders get to Silver in 90 days. You can check that out in this short blog.

The thing is you don’t need to be hustling. You don’t need to be working too hard.

You don’t need to be doing things that don’t feel right. I give you the message. I give you the to-do. I’ve built a free Facebook Group for our customers to nurture them and provide education and engagement. I’ve also created a 90-day training for your new business builders. When I say I’ve got you covered – I mean it. To join Cutting Edge, message the words Cutting Edge to my Facebook Group Livin the Dream with Martha and we’ll go over the details and get you in.

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