Real Life Stories from The 11 Day Jumpstart

Who is ready to hear more about The 11-Day Jumpstart? I love sharing testimonials so you can hear first-hand from people in the program. Today you are hearing from Sunday. She was really entertaining another program a neighbor had approached her about. Then she heard about the 11-Day Jumpstart and just knew that was what she needed to do!

Why? Because of the quality of the products, the affordability of the program, and the incredible resources and support. All she had to do was buy the supplements that she needs for the program – the rest was free. The guides, community, daily coaching, my team handling all questions, and more coaching are all included. To learn more about the 11-Day Jumpstart you can check out this short blog.

Here is the best part – the results. Sunday released 15 pounds of inflammation. She is going to be 50 years old next month and wanted to find something that was sustainable. We’ve all been there before. Try a quick fad, release the weight, and then in a couple of weeks it comes right back. This program is different.

Because the focus is releasing inflammation you feel so much better and honestly want to keep going! It’s not appealing to fall back into those old habits and old routines. You should also know that Sunday is a pescetarian, so a lot of programs don’t work for her. She was thrilled with the amazing recipes and their flexibility in the challenge. She talks more about that with me in this short video at the top of this blog.

You guys, there’s something special happening in this program. It just doesn’t exist anywhere else. Sunday loved the group and the level of support. The fact that our members can post something and within minutes have supportive people that are commenting and engaging with them has been a huge part of everyone’s success. It’s like experiencing this big hug in a safe space. We don’t often have that in the world these days. So, if you would like to join us in the 11-Day Jumpstart, message the person that sent you this blog. Make sure they are in the Cutting Edge…that’s the only way they can offer this. If no one sent you, shoot me, Martha, a message. If you would like to join Cutting Edge message @LivinthedreamwithMartha on FB with the words “cutting edge” if that doesn’t work, just personally message me and we’ll go over the details and get you in!

Let’s Go!


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