Speaking Life and Growing Plants (yes, it’s crazy)

Ready to talk about life and plants? I used to be somebody that killed plants. I always loved going to people’s houses that had plants. It felt so welcoming and cozy. I loved it, but I never felt it was something I could do. I had a belief that I couldn’t keep plants alive. Then, somebody sent me a plant for Christmas. I honestly thought, that’s probably the worst gift you could give me, because I can’t keep plants alive. Then I realized I could turn over a proverbial new leaf. I decided I’m going to keep this plant alive. I’m going to not only keep it alive I am going to help it grow. You can hear more about that in this short video. 

If you could see that plant today, you would be impressed  It’s totally thriving.  I give it water and light. Now, here is the most important thing I do. I speak life over that plant. I chose to change the idea I had about myself that I couldn’t grow plants. I spoke life over myself. I said I’m growing this plant! Part of choosing to change how you think of yourself is believing in yourself. I wrote a quick blog about that you could check out here.

 Guys we speak life over ourselves or we speak death.

I feel like in some way the plant knew I was going to take care of it. There is so much to unpack inside of this world of speaking life and speaking death. There is a lot of psychological aspects of it that you could look into on your own time.You can join my free facebook group here for more resources and tips about life and business.

The easy button is, just know that you are speaking life or speaking death over yourself and make a choice to speak life.  I made a choice and now I have six plants in my house. That is who I am now. I am a crazy plant lady. I’m joking but, my challenge to you is to think about what is it in your world today that you have been telling yourself – maybe forever – that you can’t do. What is it that you define yourself as or what is it that you define yourself as lacking? Create a new belief today about what you can do and watch how your life changes.



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