Torie Dunn shares how she got 517 new leads AND made her first $1,000 from her Facebook Group

Torie invested in getting her business off the ground but didn’t experience her first $1,000 day until she spent her first $1 in Changemaker’s Den. She first found me on You Tube and was shocked at the one-dollar price tag for the first month. So, she did some investigation. She looked at the free content and value in my Facebook group Families Creating Legacies and that is when she knew she had to try Changemaker’s. Man is she glad she did!

Torie’s journey included several courses and a lot of advice that didn’t work. She invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in growing her business. She was working day and night but never saw the results that were promised. One of her biggest pain points was figuring out how to grow her Facebook Group. When she jumped into Changemaker’s Den she saw the Facebook Group training and went for it.

During the intensive training, she implemented the tips I share and before she knew it, the growth she had tried so hard to achieve was happening organically. Torie’s Facebook Group grew from 143 to 220 in just two hours. One week later her group grew to 660. This means that Torie got 517 new warm potential leads for her own business in one week.

I am here to help you make an impact by giving you the tools that work today.

Torie had begun to doubt herself as an entrepreneur. Her hard work wasn’t moving the needle on her business. She needed tools that made a difference. She found those tool in Changemaker’s Den and so can you. Changemaker’s Den is only $1 for the first month and $37 for each month after that. Check it out here. You can hear Torie’s amazing story in this short video here.

More than anything else, families matter to me. Join my Facebook community Families Creating Legacies where I help everyday families start, grow, and scale their home based businesses here!

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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